Project VOICE was founded in February 2016 by Annina, following her experience of working in a rural hospital in Bolivia for half a year with an international humanitarian organisation. After coming back to Europe, Annina shared her experiences with family, friends, colleagues and other interested people, but always felt that an important part of the "story" was missing - that of the Bolivian colleagues she worked with on a daily basis, and who continue their work every day. She felt that she could not tell their story for them. Realising that the stories of such individuals were generally unavailable in any context, she decided to try and change this by giving them a channel to share their stories. As a consequence, she founded VOICE. Thanks to the support of the amazing VOICE team the project has grown steadily. To find out more about our team, click here.


Our goals

VOICE, Voices Of Individuals Conveying Experiences, aims to project the voices of those people who dedicate their time to working or volunteering in a social, humanitarian, peace-related or development field in their own country or region. Every day, these individuals engage in work that affects and changes the lives of the people around them. They experience ups and downs, overcome existing challenges and face new ones. Their stories are thought-provoking, touching, engaging and inspiring in many different ways. However, they are largely unheard of, and unavailable to the majority of people, especially in the Western World.


Our writers

Our writers are individuals from all across the world and very different fields. They come from different countries, have different cultural backgrounds, and speak different languages. What they share is their passion for and dedication to working or volunteering in a social, humanitarian, peace-related or development field wherever they come from. For more information on our writers, take a look at the Writer´s section.


Our stories

Every VOICE story is different. There are no formal rules for writing VOICE stories. VOICE writers can write their story in any form they want in any length they wish. We support them individually in this process and guide them from the very first thoughts about their story to the publication, and beyond. Writers work closely with our team, who help them bridge cultural gaps, edit the story and answer any questions that might arise along the way, all the while making ure that the voice of each writer is preserved and projected. This means that each VOICE story is highly individual, and conveys both personal and also cultural perspectives, both of which are key to individual stories. As VOICE writers are encouraged to write in the language most comfortable for them, stories are translated into English by the VOICE team when necessary. Fourteen of our writers´ stories will be published in the anthology A Definition of Snow in summer 2019.

A Definition of Snow

We are very excited to publish fourteen of our powerful writers´ stories in a book, A Definition of Snow, in summer 2019! The book will be available as a soft cover and an ebook both in bookstores and online. To find out more, head to our book space.