BOOK: A definition of snow

Fourteen of our writers´ powerful stories have been published in VOICE´s very first book with the title A Definition of Snow, available as a paperback and ebook in bookstores and online.

What is A Definition of Snow about?

A Definition of Snow is a collection of the voices of fourteen individuals working or volunteering in social, humanitarian, development and peace-related fields in their own country or region.


Since 2016, VOICE has been working tirelessly to collect the stories of individuals from all over the world working or volunteering in social, humanitarian, development or peace-related fields in their home country or region. Our team of eleven members from six different countries of origin, speaking ten different languages, has been dedicated to working with our writers and our audiences all over the world. Our writers come from all corners of the earth and many different fields – from doctors in Bolivia to humanitarian workers in South Sudan and Kenya, from a West African UN peacekeeper in Liberia to an International Red Cross Medical Delegate in Asia, whether Chinese operating-theatre nurses or Lebanese teachers, our writers have very different stories to tell, very different experiences to share, and very difficult challenges to tackle. A Definition of Snow brings their voices together.


Our contributors are not professional writers – many of them have never written a story before. They are people who dedicate their lives to working in their field on a daily basis, and they tell a story that no-one else could tell. They write about the challenges of being a female medic in rural areas fighting against rape, domestic violence and the difficulty of patients unable to afford any treatment. They write about overcoming the traumatic experience of fleeing their country and their wish to return to rebuild. They write about trying to improve the lives of those around them. Of overcoming challenges and of their hopes for the future. Their stories are uniquely powerful, honest and thought-provoking.


What makes A Definition of Snow unique?

These stories by individuals, conveying their experiences in their field of work, are mostly unavailable in Western countries. But they are highly important – and they should be told by those who experienced them and continue to experience them on a daily basis.  With foreign aid workers´ stories usually being the only narrative available, the voices of individuals from the country or region, who work in these fields every day of their lives, are mostly unheard. A Definition of Snow is trying to fill the void and project the voices of such individuals. It gives a previously unavailable alternative or supplement to the narratives of the media or general publications. VOICE writers come from a wide range of different countries and fields of work. Their stories are very different – they convey a wide range of experiences and emotions, both positive and negative, but they are all thought-provoking, honest, touching, inspiring and encouraging. They challenge the reader to pause and think, and to question their own and others´ perceptions in a unique way.


Why the title A Definition of Snow?

The title has a very special meaning intrinsically linked to the book and the story behind it. To find out more, you will have to read the book…


Where do the profits go?

One of VOICE´s seven principles is non-profitability. Any profits made by the book sales of A Definition of Snow will be donated to PEN International. PEN is an international humanitarian and rights organisation that works to support literature, education, and the freedom to write and read in over a hundred countries around the world - including all the countries our writers come from. By donating our profits to PEN, we want to take our aim of projecting voices forward. PEN not only defends free expression worldwide, but also protects writers at risk, supports writers in exile and promotes linguistic rights. With our donated profits, we want to help PEN promote cultural understanding, fight for persecuted writers, support civil society and build education programmes worldwide - all of these are crucial in setting the preconditions for individuals such as our VOICE writers to be able to share their stories, and to do so safely. If you would like to find out more about PEN, visit their website:


Where can I buy the book?

You can buy the book as a paperback in bookstores or online, for example on Amazon, Thalia or Hugendubel. You can also get the ebook version at various websites, including through Amazon (kindle), Thalia (Tolino), Apple Bookstore (iBook) and Playstore (Google Books). 


Any questions on A Definition of Snow? If you have any questions about the book, you can contact us via email at, or use the contact form. Please note that we cannot help with any questions on the ordering and delivery of books from specific platforms. If you have any questions on this, please get in touch with the platform or vendor directly.