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Great news! The collected stories of our writers will be published as a book by Unbound!!! Its title? "A Definition of Snow"!


Unbound is a UK publishing house that has built a publishing model perfect for us, championing unheard voices and allowing readers to get much more involved in the publication of the book. As such, we will be crowdfunding the book- i.e. selling it before it is published to finance printing. After that, "A Definition of Snow" will be available in bookshops and online. Help us make the book happen by pledging now- the book will be sent to you automatically once printed! There are different packages of pledges- from a digital or hardcover edition to those also including keepsakes, or exciting conversations with our writers or team! Anyone supporting the book at this stage will have their name printed at the back of every edition, giving you the opportunity to become part of "A Definition of Snow". Of course, you can choose to pledge anonymously, too, if you prefer!

What is "A Definition of Snow"?

When Annina came back to Europe after working in a rural hospital in Bolivia for five months, there was a huge interest in her experiences there. However, when she talked about her work, she always felt there was an essential part of the story missing – that of her Bolivian colleagues – and she knew she could not tell their stories for them. Realising their stories were not available in Western countries, she started to think about a way to change this, and the idea for A Definition of Snow was born. To make this projection of voices possible, she founded Project VOICE, Voices of Individuals Conveying Experiences, in February 2016.


Since then, VOICE has been working tirelessly to collect the stories of individuals from all over the world working or volunteering in social, humanitarian, development or peace-related fields in their home country or region. Our writers come from all corners of the earth and many different fields – from doctors in Bolivia to humanitarian and peace workers in South Sudan and Kenya, from an education worker in India to a Ghanaian UN peacekeeper in Liberia, from an International Red Cross Medical Delegate in Asia to an Eritrean refugee in Germany, our writers have very different stories to tell, very different experiences to share, and very difficult challenges to tackle. A Definition of Snow brings their voices together. Their stories are all different, but they are all thought-provoking, honest, touching, inspiring and encouraging. They challenge the reader to pause and think, and to question their own and others´ perceptions in a uniquely powerful way.

How can I buy the book?

We are using Unbound´s own platform to crowdfund the book. If you would like to support "A Definition of Snow", you can click the button below to be taken directly to the Unbound page. After that, simply click on the blue "Pledge" button to the right, and choose what package you would like to pledge for. As you'll see, we've put together a number of rewards and gifts for different pledge levels. In order to pledge, you will need to set up a free Unbound account.



If you have any questions about the book, pledging, or the crowdfunding process, you can contact us via email at, or use the contact form. The Unbound website also has opportunities for you to get in touch with us or Unbound directly!


For more information on unbound, have a look at their website:!


Curious? Have a look at our unbound site to watch our video on "A Definition of Snow"! More information on the book, the title and publication will be published here and on the unbound site!

If you live outside the UK, the website automatically charges you a higher postage fee- this is the same whether you order one book or 12. Because of this, we have set up a seperate pledge for bulk orders of 12 books to addresses outside the UK. You can order the Silver collection (unsigned), or the Gold collection (signed and with reading material) through the pledge site.