Frequently asked questions

What does VOICE stand for?

VOICE stands for Voices Of Individuals Conveying Experiences.


What is the aim of VOICE?

VOICE aims at projecting the voices of individuals dedicating their time to working or volunteering in social, humanitarian or development fields in their own country or region. The project wants to make their rarely heard stories available and cause its audiences to think, reflect and challenge their own and others´ perceptions of what is (not) easily available or conveyed in the media and general publications. For more detailed information on the project, have a look at About VOICE.


Who can write for VOICE?

In principle, every individual working or volunteering in their home country, country of residence or region in a social, humanitarian or development field can write for VOICE. Our writers are all experienced in their field, and have worked or volunteered in one or often multiple capacities for a number of years, and continue to do so. There are no language requirements for writing for VOICE. The project currently officially works in four languages- English, German, Spanish and French- and can cater for Arabic speakers if the need arises. Writers should write in the language they are most comfortable with. Even if this is not one of our project languages, VOICE will try very hard to accommodate other languages.


Thinking of writing for VOICE?

We are always looking for new writers to join the project, so if you think you would be interested, please get in touch with us via the contact form or by emailing!


To become a VOICE writer you should:


-   have experience in working or volunteering in a social, humanitarian or development field in your native country, country of residence or region.

-   be willing to share your story and your personal experiences with Western audiences who are likely to have little or no knowledge of your country, culture and work setting.


Usually, VOICE writers´ stories are published under their own name. However, if political circumstances demand, our writers are free to choose to publish their story anonymously. For more information, please get in touch with our team, who will be happy to answer any questions. To get a better idea of the process of writing for VOICE, have a look at how we work.


For more information on our writers, have a look at the VOICE writers´ section!


Want to join the VOICE team?

Project VOICE is entirely volunteer-based. Our team members are responsible for various tasks. These range from translation to communication and coordination with and support of our writers to maintaining our media presence and communications. Our team reflects the internationality and diversity of VOICE, and each team member brings his or her unique experiences to VOICE. Without an amazing team, project VOICE would not be possible.


Although we currently have no particular position to be filled, we always appreciate help, especially if you have experience in translation! As it is more important to us that our team members fit well into the project and our team, there are no formal requirements for working for VOICE. However, you should speak and write a good level of English, as this is the main language of the project team. Please get in touch with us via the contact form or by emailing us at to find out more and discuss the possibility of joining our team!


For more information on the VOICE team, have a look at the VOICE team section!




Any further questions? We are very happy to answer any other questions you might have! Please just get in touch via the contact form or by emailing us at! To be kept up to date with the project, you can also subscribe to our newsletter.