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Project VOICE – that's eleven team members, from six different countries, speaking ten different languages, currently working with writers from all over the world, from countries as diverse as Cameroon, South Sudan, Bolivia, Lebanon and India. Since 2016, we have been working to project the voices of our writers. And so much is happening behind the scenes! From communicating with writers in areas with no internet access to trying to help our writers bridge cultural gaps, the experiences of our team are a crucial part of VOICE's story. To tell this story and to keep you up to date with the project, we started this newsletter!


Our newsletter is sent out 3 to 6 times a year, so we promise we won´t overload your inbox! It is currently bilingual in German and English, and we will start adding new languages depending on demand. Have a look below for previous editions!


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01/03/2018: A definition of snow

01/03/2018: Chamuela's Story

01/03/2018: Hintsa's Story


Project VOICE has recently featured in the writing magazine, in an article by our own writing adviser, Catherine Banner! You can read her article here!


Newsletter #4 - December 2017
Includes: Introduction and VOICE timeline by Catherine Banner
VOICE Newsletter #4.pdf
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Newsletter #3 - October 2017
Includes: Book Crowdfunding Launch Announcement
VOICE Newsletter #3.pdf
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Newsletter #2 - August 2017
Includes: Introduction by Philina Tempelmeier, Connect Contact, and the Connect Up-side-down initiative in Germany.
Newsletter #2.pdf
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Newsletter #1 - May 2017
Includes: Introduction by Anouck Teiller, Regional Contact for Asia and West Africa, and the "Bring back our internet" Campaign in Cameroon.
Newsletter #1.pdf
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