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VOICE is about projecting the voices of individuals conveying their personal experiences. Our writers come from all over the world, from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. What they have in common is their dedication to their social, humanitarian, development or peacebuilding work in their home country. Their stories are thought-provoking, and often deeply inspriring.


We currently have writers from countries all over the world, such as Bolivia, Venezuela, Kenya, South Sudan and Burundi. Our writers are in close contact with our team, who support them with any questions and problems they might have. For more information on this process, have a look at how we work.


Due to political reasons, a few of our writers feel they cannot publish their story under their name. This is a sad reality. VOICE supports this decision- if the political situation in their home country does not allow them to tell their story freely, the project will publish it with a * to indicate that for the present moment, the author´s name will not be disclosed. We hope that, soon, this situation will change, and all VOICE writers can freely claim authorship for their stories without having to fear repercussions for themselves or their family.  However, thankfully, most VOICE writers are able to tell their story in their own name.


To meet a few of the current VOICE writers, have a look below!


Meet some of our writers...

Our group of writers is incredibly diverse - unfortunately, not all of them are able to reveal their identity as they have to fear repercussions or persecution in their country of origin. For this reason, we are unable to introduce all the amazing individuals that share their stories through VOICE here. However, you will find some of them below. The order of profiles below is determined alphabetically by continent, country, and first name - we don´t rate or rank our writers in any way.


Hintsa Solomon - Eritrea / Germany 

My name is Hintsa Solomon and I am from Eritrea. I am 19 years old. At age 15 I fled from Eritrea. Until 9th grade I attended school there, in Asmara. I have been living in Germany for two years now. My biggest goal is to become a doctor. I am trying to do all I can to achieve this goal. I would like to go back to Eritrea when the country is peaceful again and help establish the healthcare system as a doctor. At the moment, I attend the 10th grade of a German high school. Here with VOICE I share my story, and my dream of becoming a doctor. 

Simon Mbeng - Cameroon

Simon is the Director of Better Family Foundation in Fundong. He is married and the father of three. He holds a Master Degree in Biblical Studies (MBS) and a Master and phd in Special Education (M.Ed). Simon has a great interest in humanitarian services, and writes about his experiences in this field.

UN Peacekeeper - West Africa*

Our West African writer is an officer in his country of origin´s armed forces and has wide ranging experiences with peace and security issues at a national and international level.  He participated in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) in 2010 and 2014. Previously, he had worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at a University Psychology Department. He also holds a Commonwealth Executive Master Degree in Public Administration and Master in International Security, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Political Science. He writes about his experience as a "blue helmet" serving as a peacekeeper in Liberia. He has since worked in the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, MINUSMA.


Alvin Walubengo Wafula -  Kenya

Alvin is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations programme of the United States International University Africa, with interests spanning from democracy, governance and diplomacy to refugees, children, education, development and humanitarian affairs. He has been a delegate of the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), Boston, Massachusetts in 2013, and is the former head delegate of Kenya for the Africa Model United Nations (Afro|Mun) in Ethiopia 2014 and a two-time participant of the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) National Moot court competition. He is currently the Vice Chairperson of Tuwakuze Africa, a youth led society in Kenya that focuses on improving the lives of underprivileged primary school children through education, mentorship and practical skills that can ensure self-reliability and sustainability for these children. He writes about his experience in this capacity.

Sheila Chepkoech - Kenya

Sheila has done volunteer work in various fields in her home country in Kenya and is writing about the diverse experiences she made in her various capacities. Sheila is also a member of the VOICE team, and is the regional contact for our writers from African countries.

She says about herself: "I am a Kenyan national with a great passion to help people specifically those living in Sub-Saharan Africa, where I am originally from. It is this passion that drove me to pursue development studies as a career. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from United States International University- Africa (USIU-Africa) and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Development at the Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po University. I am a resilient, optimistic, god-fearing and highly motivated individual who stops at nothing in ensuring that I achieve my goals. The resilience and optimism that I have is what drives me to pursue whatever I set my mind on regardless the challenges that come my way. Along life, I have drawn strength from strong individuals who overcame great obstacles for the common good of people. Therefore, I strive to be inspirational to others. I am a volleyball fanatic although I appreciate sports in general. I adore good music, good food and nature."

Golda Poni- South Sudan

Golda is writing about her experiences of working in various initiatives in South Sudan. She says about herself:

"I am a 23-year-old South Sudanese female who is passionate about working with the vulnerable for a complete transformation of their lives and the achievement of sustainable development. Through my work with the vulnerable, am driven to work hard for more positive change and restored hope for a better future in my community and Country. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from Uganda Christian University (UCU) and currently work with Christian Relief and Education in South Sudan (CRESS). My role at CRESS is to develop and oversee their women empowerment program. I am god fearing, fiercely committed to my work, focused, loyal and self-driven. I like music, movies and a good hang out with good people, especially my friends."


George Joseph- India

George comes from India and is currently pursuing his masters in International Development at the Paris School of International Affairs- Sciences Po. Prior to enrolling in the masters programme, George had been working in with non profit organizations in India. His major work spans between education, agriculture and gender equality. Having worked in the field of development, especially related to children and farmers, George has developed a sense of understanding about different developmental issues. He believes that if a country wants to grow and develop, the major focus should be given to these two segments of the society. Children are the budding futures prospects and farmers on the other hand are the ones on whose shoulders an agrarian economy like India rests on. Hence his staunch belief, has made him not just a firm supporter of development but also an inspiring youth who feels strongly about the marginalized and the weak.


Tse Kar Yee (Carol) - Hong Kong, China

Carol comes from Hong-Kong where she is an operating theatre nurse at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Since she started her studies in nursing, she is driven by humanitarian action. She joined the Hong-Kong Red Cross and was deployed several times in Asia to respond to natural disasters. Her contribution relates those experiences. 


Central and Latin America

Chamuela* - Bolivia

Chamuela is a doctor in a small town in rural Bolivia. She writes about her daily experiences and the challenges and problems of working in the A&E department, which she is the head of, and as the medic responsible for the social insurance programme PPSS, which helps those who cannot afford insurance to pay for their hospitalisation and medical treatment. For fear of negative consequences, she chose to write under the pseudonym of Chamuela. Learn more about her story in the video below.

Bolivian Ghostwriter* - Bolivia

Bolivian Ghostwriter is an anethiosologist, who has worked in both rural areas and city hospitals in Bolivia. He shares his experiences working in operating theatres and hospitals in various places in Bolivia. For fear of negative consequences, he cannot disclose his name.

Barbara del Bosque - Mexico

Barbara works as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for the Mexican Red Cross in Orizaba, Vera Cruz. She is a nutritionist in a private and a public hospital in Mexico and shares her experiences of working and volunteering in both of these two different roles. Barbara is also the regional contact for Central and Latin America for VOICE.

Middle East

Noha Rbeiz - Lebanon

Director of Mouvement Social's preschool in Jnah, southern suburb of Beirut. During over 20 years of directorship, and nearly a lifetime spent serving in civil society and childcare, Noha oversees administrative and coordination tasks related to the school and is equally committed to the comprehensive well-being of the children. Born in Lebanon into a Palestinian family, Noha was previously with the Palestinian-loyal and orphan-focused organization Beit Atfal Assomoud. Located in one of the densest and most empoverished areas of the city, the school is home to number of children of migrant communities - Palestinians, Syrians, Kurds, and displaced Lebanese from the Civil War. Its children face daily reality of violence, political abuse and regional instability.

Charlotte Tanios - Lebanon

Charlotte works in the Lebanese organisation Mouvement Social as a program coordinator within the field of juvenile and women detention programs. Charlotte’s work spans across advocacy tasks, policy and program development and intergovernmental collaboration built on years of hands on experience following detainees. Part of Charlotte and Mouvement Social’s mission as a whole is that of offering alternatives to youth and women in prison, and working on limiting recidivism.

Maisam Abumorr - Palestine

Maisam is a political and women‘s rights activist from Palestine with a background of media and gender research. She is specialised in Middle East culture and politics and was recently elected as a committee member of Amnesty‘s Women‘s Rights Action Network.

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*Unfortunately, not all of our writers are able to disclose their name for the fear of negative repercussions in their home countries or even persecution. For this reason, some of the VOICE writers chose to share their story anonymously or using a pseudonym until they feel safe to claim authorship. We hope they will be able to add their real name to their story soon. Because this issue is close to our hearts at VOICE, all profits from book sales are donated to PEN International, an international NGO standing up for writers´ rights and freedom of expression.