VOICE, Voices Of Individuals Conveying Experiences, is a project aiming at telling the stories of those individuals dedicating their time to working or volunteering in social, humanitarian, development or peace-building fields in their native country or region.


These stories by individuals, conveying their experiences in their field of work, are mostly unavailable in Western countries. But they are highly important - and they should be told by those who experienced them and continue to experience them on a daily basis.  That is why VOICE aims at projecting the voices of individuals to make these unheard stories available or to give an alternative or supplement to the narratives of the media or general publications.


Our writers come from a wide range of different countries and fields of work. Their stories vary in experiences and emotions, but they are all thought-provoking, honest, touching, inspiring and encouraging. The goal is to make our readers reflect on and challenge their own and others´ perceptions.


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