About Us

Project VOICE was founded in February 2016 by Annina, following her experience of working in a rural hospital in Bolivia for half a year with an international humanitarian organisation. After coming back to Europe, Annina shared her experiences with family, friends, colleagues and other interested people, but always felt that an important part of the "story" was missing - that of the Bolivian colleagues she worked with on a daily basis, and who continue their work every day. She felt that she could not tell their story for them. Realising that the stories of such individuals were generally unavailable in any context, she decided to try and change this by giving them a channel to share their stories. As a consequence, she founded VOICE. Thanks to the support of the amazing VOICE team the project has grown steadily. To find out more about our team, click here.

Our Goals

So what is the VOICE team trying to achieve? VOICE, Voices Of Individuals Conveying Experiences, aims to project the voices of those people who dedicate their time to working or volunteering in a social, humanitarian, peace-related or development field in their own country or region. Every day, these individuals engage in work that affects and changes the lives of the people around them. They experience ups and downs, overcome existing challenges and face new ones. Their stories are thought-provoking, touching, engaging and inspiring in many different ways. However, they are largely unheard of, and unavailable to the majority of people, especially in the Western World.

Our Principles

There are a number of principles that are intrinsic to VOICE, and very important to reach above mentioned goals. They form the core of the project and serve as a foundation for all our work.


VOICE is based on fairness- towards our writers and our audiences. This means we never push or pressurize our writers beyond what they are comfortable to share in their stories, and we do not emotionalise or politicise their stories. We are also open about how we work to our audiences.


VOICE aims at collecting stories from individuals from a diverse range of nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and fields of work. We also try and engage a diverse range of audiences of different ages and educational backgrounds. This diversity constitutes a core part of the project, and is also reflected in the international character of the VOICE team.


VOICE is based on respect. We respect our writers´ stories and experiences, and their decision on what (not) to share with our audiences. We ask our audiences to do the same.


At VOICE, we strongly believe in tolerance towards others. We do not accept, let alone support, racism or any kind of discrimination within the project.


VOICE is independent of any political party or organisation. We do not follow or promote political agendas, and do not aim at putting forward a particular point of view or projecting a particular kind of image. We also do not necessarily agree with our writers´ or their organisations´ opinions.