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Ever since its foundation in February 2016, VOICE has been growing continuously. Our sponsors and partners have been an important part of the various developments within the project throughout this time. We would like to say a huge Thank You to all of our sponsors and partners!



Soroptimist International - Ingolstadt Chapter

SI has been supporting VOICE since August 2016, right from the beginning of the project. The club has not only supported us financially, but has remained in close contact with VOICE, inviting us to present and share our work during club meetings. For more information on the SI Chapter Ingolstadt, see their website at (German), or visit the international page of Soroptimist International:


PEN International

Founded in London in 1921, PEN was one of the world's first human rights organisations and began as a committee of like-minded writers who wanted to develop friendships with their colleagues around the world, regardless of politics, background or nationality. It quickly grew, and soon became not just a space for writers to meet and support each other, but one of the most important organisations advocating and campaigning in situations where the ability to write or share stories freely was threatened, or where individuals were in danger because of the words they had written or the ideas they had expressed. Nowadays, PEN works to support literature, education, and the freedom to write and read in over a hundred countries around the world, most of them non-European - including all the countries our writers come from. All profits from book sales of A Definition of Snow are donated to PEN by VOICE. You can find more information on PEN on their website at

Bavarian Red Cross - Ingolstadt Unit

The Bavarian Red Cross Unit Ingolstadt has partnered with VOICE in the project´s Connect Programme. As part of the "Upside-down" initiative, the Red Cross Unit Ingolstadt helped us connect young refugees with its local volunteers and staff. This is part of an effort to foster exchange and give the international refugee students some insight into the (volunteer) work of the Red Cross and social and medical professions in Germany in general. For more information on previous and upcoming Connect events, visit the Connect page. For more information on the Red Cross Unit Ingolstadt, including first aid training, visit: (German).

Interested in sponsoring or co-operating with VOICE?

If you are thinking of sponsoring VOICE on a one-off or regular basis, or would like to partner with us temporarily or long-term, please get in touch with our team by emailing us at or through our contact form. Of course, we are very happy to meet with or talk to you personally to introduce VOICE and discuss our work. 


NOTE: VOICE operates according to the seven principles of fairness, diversity, respect, tolerance, independence, engagement and non-profitability. This means we take great care to ensure transparency in our use of funding. VOICE is an independent project - we do not follow or promote political agendas, and do not aim at putting forward a particular point of view or projecting a particular kind of image. More information on our principles can be found here.